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The present law has as an object to guarantee health as a constitutional fundamental human right.

The state is responsible to guarantee, promote, facilitate and protect the right to the health to all Colombians, from before birth up until death.

With the purpose to guarantee the right to health, the State will create a unique health system, with a social assurance character, meaning, that all Colombians will be covered by the system in equality conditions, within a unified health plan.

The Unique Health System will guarantee the right to health through services provider, structured over an integral conception of health, that includes its promotion, prevention and attention of the disease and rehabilitation of its sequels, privileging the strategy of primary attention. Paragraph. From this Unique Health Plan will be excluded: a) the sumptuary benefits b) the merely esthetic and cosmetic that do not have a reconstructive end within the integral health process; c) the procedures, medicines and technologies experimental; d) the ones offered outside of the Colombian territory being available in the country, and e) the benefits not related to the health field.

The Unique Health System will be financed with public money through fiscal and parafiscal resources, centralized in a unique payer fund, with a progressive character and on any case inferior to the GDP percentage of 2012.

About recollecting the resources from the health sector, and to send the resources to the Unique payer fund the Unique central of recollection will be in charge of, destined to health, whose ruling will be in charge the Ministry of Health and social protection and the Ministry of Public Credit.

The Unique Payer Fund will have its own juridical personality, administrative and financial independence. Its ruling will be task of the Ministry of Health and Social Protection and of the Ministry of Public Credit. Its Directors board will be autonomous, mixed character, with public and private participation that includes the representation of the civil society.

The Unique Health System will be organized in integral nets of health services, of a public character with participation of the private sector. Great medical Board Paragraph. The health services will be guaranteed according to the needs of the population, adjusted to the principles of opportunity, efficacy, quality, efficiency, equity and humanization.

The unique Health System must guarantee the quality in the services provider through the professional suitability, a result of a correct university formation, enriched with continuous education and scientific research.

The Unique Health System will recognize in the medical act the social commitment of medicine and will respect the professional autonomy.

The Unique Health System will have a registration subsystem, evaluation and information that will allow to monitor on a permanent basis and trustworthy its functioning.

The workers and in general the human talent in health, will be protected by dignified and fair working conditions, with stability and facility to increase their knowledge.

The State, through the Ministries of Education and Health, will promote the establishment of a health culture program with the purpose of the right holders of the system constitute as guardians of their health and of their community.

This law will start to rule from the 1st of July of 2015. The Congress of the Republic within the two next years of the publication of the present law will process and approve the ordinary laws that develop what was stated here. This law derogates all the rules that all contrary to it and do not affect the special current regimes.


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