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The Biophotonic scanner of Pharmanex mesures the antioxidant level on skin (B-Carotenos)in a non-invasive way, 60 seconds.

A.50.000 a 100.000+Optimal
B.40.000 a 49.000Good
C.30000 a 39.000Moderated
D.20.000 a 29.000Weak
E.10.000 a 19.000Bad

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The Oxidative stress can be measured with the FRAS 4/5 (Free Radical Analysis System) that counts with a modern system integrated of a photometer and throws a result of ROMs test in a hair test. It measures the free radicals in 30 minutes

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d-ROM test

250 – 300Normal range
300 – 320Border condition
321 – 340Low level of oxidative stress
341 – 400Middle level of oxidative stress
401 – 500High level of oxidative stress
> 500Very high level of oxidative stress
Unit of measurement: U. Carr
1U. Carr = 0.08 mg H2O2/dl

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VitaChek-C  (Urinalysis)

The higher a persons’ level of vitamin C in urine the healthier. The disease makes the person retain vitaminc C, which will surround the sick organ to protect it from the free radical’s damage.

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tirillas C strips

COLOR CHART – mg/dL vitamina C (Ascorbic Acid)






Janus II

Janus-II Facial Diagnosis

The state-of-the-art facial imaging system froorea, used to accurately determine the condition of your skin at and below the surface.

The Janus-II is used to fully understand your unique complexion profile

Powerful Diagnosis:

The Janus-II digital diagnosis system can determine your skin’s condition where conventional diagnosis techniques can’t.

Accurate Analysis:

The imaging system’s multi-spectral imaging and analysis provides a clear, multi-dimensional portrait of your complexion.

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