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A detox program in real time to renovate mind, soul and body.

the rainbow diet
For cancer

Hugo Galindo Salom MD

Epheta health mission is a “Health Retreat ” guided and held by a Orthomolecular doctor who studies the Bible, along with a diocesan Priest who surprises with his hands, and a master team of health professionals aligned in the same cause. A unique detox program to be developed in an earth paradise, surrounded by pure air, fruit trees, organic food, integrative therapies with micronutrients and minerals, amongst others.

With this 7 day program, you can learn to handle millenarian tools that will help you face hard diseases such as cancer.

A great meditation experience, and adoration of the blessed Sacrament, alternating with healing masses.

Book: Vitamin C, Natures’ Miraculous Healing Missile

(I). Parts from the prologue from the Nobel Prize Linus Pauling to the work “Vitamin C, Natures’s Miraculous Healing Missile” by Dettman & kalokerinos
“The investigation about vitamin C has extended to various continents throughout the centuries. Much before that Dr. James Lind published his classic treaty on scurvy on 1753, other doctors, had detected the virtues of the citric fruits for a great variety of pains. The ascorbic acid molecule (vitamin C) is an extremely simple combination of carbon, hydrogen and oxygen, with a very low molecular weight. Its extreme simplicity explains why it has effect on hundreds of metabolic processes in our organisms and why a high dose of vitamin c can control a great variety of affections.
“For decades, it has been a great mystery the slowness of the majority of doctors to understand and take advantage of the surprising powers of vitamin C” 1
Maybe its simplicity does not attract the complex mind of the doctors. Hippocrates said, “From the multiple remedies the doctor should choose the least sensational”. Maybe the vitamin C is the substance that best meets these criteria.


Injectable Australian vitamin c

Sodium ascorbate solution 112.49 mg/mL
Vitamin C injection for an intravenous infusion,
Sanitary Invima registration number 2016M-0012358-R1


Sodium ascorbate (vitamin C) is a white dust, a little yellow chrytalyne and odorless and with a bit salty flavor. It is easily soluble in water (1 gram is soluble on 3 mL of water) and is dissolved to give a clear solution without color and a little yellow.

Sodium ascorbate solution injection

For an intravenous infusion, it is a clear colorless solution straw color. Its presentation is on glass ampoules.

Each injection of the solution of Sodium Ascorbate for the intravenous infusion contains the Sodium Ascorbate and Water for injections.

The pH of the injection of Sodium Ascorbate Solution for the Intravenous Infusion is 6.0 to 8.0. The injection of the solution of Sodium Ascorbate for intravenous Infusion is a sterile solution, concentrated and not pyrogenic in water sterile for injections.

*** This product requires strict Medical formula ***

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Aceptado por la Sociedad Colombiana Medicina Preventiva


Nutritional complement with vitamins A, C and E,
Oligo elements: Selenium and Zinc
Sanitary Invima registration number RSAD 16I80513

Nutritional complement with vitamins A, C y E, oligo elements: Selenium y Zinc/p>

Food designed by epidemiologist doctors ( in the search of the ideal nutritional balance with an antioxidant effect for the protection against free radicals of inadequate diets and a toxic environment.
It does not add weight by its content of vegetable protein. Its canola oil adds essential grease acids for an adequate nutrition.

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Fresh Vitamin CPrevents against the environment damages. Hydrating, antioxidant and antiaging effect. Keeps the skins´ luminosity.

How to use: Apply at 20 cm of the face all needed time.

Superior components:

  • Vitamin C
  • Hawaiian and French seaweed


Firming Plus Body Lotion

Hydrates, gives firmness and elasticity to the skin (ideal during pregnancy). The continuous use prevents and decreases the stretch mark visibility.

How to use: Apply uniformly to all the body.

Superior Components:

  • Liposomas VTA
  • Vitamines E and C

Patients Testimonials

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