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Although the apparent ignorance on this topic, History has given us enormous contributions about this. In the last century for example, the number of deaths caused by tuberculosis in England decreased from almost a thousand per year to a bit more than a hundred per year.

On the fifties, and only a few nowadays. This is due to, mostly, to the great input of Koch, and the massive vaccines BCG.

Apart from the immunizations of all sort, used universally, there have been developed preventative techniques in other areas like surgery. Asepsis and antisepsis are the great dogmas of surgeons to guarantee success in all surgery at avoiding infection.

In the USA, the use of appropriate diets, for each pathological tendency is part of the proposals of the nutritional medicine to the Prevention field. Quoting a common example, the breast benign pathologies are accompanied by the deletion of drinks like tea, coffee and sodas.

Likewise, the diets of exclusion for food allergies and the inclusion of megadose of ascorbic acid in patients recovering from burns to speed up the process of cauterization, are procedures popular now a days. The utilization of additional supplements like niacin to prevent degenerative chronic diseases like cancer and the cardiovascular disease, is getting stronger every day.

In Colombia the prenatal control, the control of diarrheic and breathing diseases, the early control of incipient arterial pressure and the routine practice of cytology and vaginal service and mammography to women on fertile age, also to the rectal tact and the control of prostatic antigens, are preventative measures used more and more nowadays by doctors. Even though high prevalence diseases are controlled, others that are not cared for increase on incidence.

According to the current report of the OPS, the pathologies more frequent nowadays in Colombia are the stomach cancer (especially in the regions 2000 meters above sea level), lung cancer (cooking with firewood in rural areas, tobacco use and city pollution), leukemia, lymphoma. In the sex classification in men are frequent lung and prostate cancer; in women are cervical and breast cancer. Pathologies that can be prevented if they are detected soon.

All doctors, at completing the anamnesis are in the obligation to consider every pathological family antecedent as a risk factor for future health of his patient, and therefore, must advise every measure at the reach of his knowledge in order to prevent for a pain to install.

If we know there are prostate cancer cases, in one of the members of the family, we can provide a wide range of suggestions in the patients of masculine sex, over 30 years of age, starting with a once a year prostatic antigens’ sample.

Thus, for example a patient that makes a consultation about a vaginal discharge, to whom randomly is detected an incipient hypertension, a couple conventional treatment anti vaginal- discharge is offered, added to all the arsenal antihypertension not medicated.

It is a very simple procedure, and however, the Colombian doctors who follow them are scarce. If we review the formulas of a group of our doctors randomly, we will notice that they limit themselves to the reason for consultation.

It is then, our principal objective to stimulate the development of Preventative medicine in Colombia and this seed we can only plant it if we start ourselves to accept it as a mandatory scheme and permanent to follow in the totality of our consultations.