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The sports training means from the medical- biological point of view, an adaptation or a detectable change at the physical condition (for example, improves the resistance, the mobility, the power, the recovery, the nervousness , etc.) at the metabolic level (, for example more tolerance for the acidity), or at a morphologic level (for example, muscular hypertropia).
In the technical-coordinative aspect adaptations are produced at the central nervous and cognoscitive system (brain, nervous fibers, spine medulla). Both aspects are complemented with psychic adaptations. (Groser, 1991)

For the physiologists the effort like Astrand, sports training implies to expose the organism to a load or tension of work of intensity, duration and enough frequency to produce an effect of comparable training and measurable, meaning an improvement of the functions for which it is being trained. With the purpose of accomplishing that training effect, it is necessary to expose the organism to an overload o higher tension than the one found regularly during his day to day life.

In general terms, it is evident that being subdued to a training tension is associated with some catabolic processes, like the molecular division of the fuel kept and other cell components, followed by an excessive reaction or anabolic, that originates an augmentation of the molecule deposition that moved or degraded during the time when the individual was exposed to a load of training (Astrand, 1986).
The training produces an energy mobilization of the materials in reserve.
The possibility of augmentation of reserves and with it simultaneously the morphological adaptation, functional and biological, have united in two fundamental laws, which have been summarized by Roux von Nocker (Pérez en Miethe, 1981).
The intravenous administration of therapies that include high doses of Vitamin C + components or B + components + minerals like Magnesium + Amino acids, are fundamental to energize the sportsperson, acting mainly in the kidney and the muscle, that are sources where all the energy is accumulated needed for a good sporting performance.
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