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megadosis de vitamina c



The beneficial effect of the therapy of megadose of vitamin C (ascorbic acid) has been presented by a group of researchers from a variety of pathologies and conditions. There are some studies for testing these affirmations. The Ovesen research concluded that in general terms there are few studies properly controlled that can in a certain way prove these affirmations. It suggests the development of investigations.

Throughout the use of megadose of injectable vitamin C, we have focused in the prophylactic measurements to avoid the presentation of diseases or the complication of the symptoms already present. Similarly it has been discussed the fact that the determining factor to accomplish a satisfactory result with vitamin C is the use of the appropriate dose. Many doctors have reported disappointing results at using vitamin C with its patients, most of the cases due to not knowing not only the adequate dose but the methods to determine the required dose. The doctor that understands that the scheme of treatment with vitamin C does not respond to a unique protocol and rigid for each patient, but it varies according to the multiple factors inherent to each person will be already focused in the right path and will be surprised with the results that will obtain.
We mentioned before that the RDA for vitamin C was established initially in 1974 in 35 mg. by day for children, 45 mg. for adults, 60mg. for pregnant woman and 80 mg. for breastfeeding mom. Afterwards the range widened to daily doses recommended of ascorbic acid from 10 to 100 mg/day, with an average of 60 mg/day. Dr Klenner established that “vitamin C should be given on an intense way to obtain adequate results”. He considered that there should never be given less than 350 mg per kilo of weigh with a schedule interval of up to 10 times a day. Then, depending of the clinical improvement there should be administered every two hours and ten every four hours until accomplishing the patients´ recovery.
Irwin Stone presented in 1965 the number of arguments to support his thesis of the optimal ingesta for humans of Vitamin C to obtain the best health status, resides in the range from 1 to 5 grams a day.
The Pauling had his own scheme. In 1970 he explained the ascorbic acid differs from other vitamins where very low animal species require an exogenous source of vitamin C in particular by its capacity of endogenous production. This fact indicates that the quality obtained on a diet of natural raw vegetables is inferior to an optimal ingesta. The average content of vitamin C in the natural raw vegetable foods is of 2.3 grams per day by served plate for an adult of 70 kilos. This figure represents the inferior limit of the optimal ingesta. Pauingo proposed the theory that had a loss in the ability to produce ascorbic acid by some animal species, including primates, which possibly occurred when the primitive ancestors lived on an environment that provided doses of vitamin c. The quantities produced by mammals ranged between 3 to 19 grams per day, and these quantities should be the optimal for the health of adult human beings.


megadosis de vitamina c

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