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vitamina c inyectable

A lot of studies have shown that the treatment with vitamin c result effective on improving the vasodilatation on individuals with atherosclerosis, coronary disease, also those with chest angina, cardiac congestive insufficiency, diabetes, high cholesterol, and an elevated blood pressure.

Vitamin C has very interesting properties in people that desire to lose weight, because it is about a fat burner. It acts on different levels impeding the LDL oxidation, avoiding so the progression of diseases like atherosclerosis, counteracting the oxidation of mechanisms of vasodilatation like the nitric peroxide of the endothelial cells and reducing the platelet activity to therefore avoid the formation of trombones.

With our vitamin C treatments, the reduction of the lipoprotein is induced. Vitamin C plays an important role in the synthesis of biliary acids. These acids are synthetized using an enzyme that depends on the vitamin C called: cholesterol – 7-alpha- hydrolase which is found in the cholesterol.
The absence of vitamin c can cause an increase in the levels of cholesterol because these greases cannot be synthetized to billiard acids in an efficient way and accumulates like pure cholesterol.

When the grease is not normally eliminated, it is kept in the tissues, and in specifically in the adipose one. These tissues locate, in the woman, in arms, hips and buttocks; in the men, fundamentally in the abdominals, but also in other parts of the body. On the other hand, the vitamin C therapies stimulate the formation of L-Carnitine, an organic molecule that plays an important role in the regulation of the acid grease and energetic metabolism, helping this way to reach the objective of losing weight.


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vitamina c inyectable

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