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Book: Vitamin C, Natures’ Miraculous Healing Missile


(I). Parts from the prologue from the Nobel Prize Linus Pauling to the work “Vitamin C, Natures’s Miraculous Healing Missile” by Dettman & kalokerinos
“The investigation about vitamin C has extended to various continents throughout the centuries. Much before that Dr. James Lind published his classic treaty on scurvy on 1753, other doctors, had detected the virtues of the citric fruits for a great variety of pains. The ascorbic acid molecule (vitamin C) is an extremely simple combination of carbon, hydrogen and oxygen, with a very low molecular weight. Its extreme simplicity explains why it has effect on hundreds of metabolic processes in our organisms and why a high dose of vitamin c can control a great variety of affections.
“For decades, it has been a great mystery the slowness of the majority of doctors to understand and take advantage of the surprising powers of vitamin C” 1
Maybe its simplicity does not attract the complex mind of the doctors. Hippocrates said, “From the multiple remedies the doctor should choose the least sensational”. Maybe the vitamin C is the substance that best meets these criteria.